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Case Studies

  • Brief: Daily sales were posted from store POS system. This process used to consume huge time.POSDM was not in place.


    The client needed timely sales update from stores
    Performance improvement so that other LE processes are not hampered
    Merchandisers, sales team ,LE team to get accurate reports by early morning
    Inventory position to be clarified by EOD

  • Solution

    Since POSDM was not implemented sales was posted at End of the day
    Sales posting use to come in big files thus hampering performance of SAP system
    These huge sales files were broken into number of small files
    Additional configuration settings related to number range were done
    Few notes were implemented

  • Result

    Sales posting speed was improved by more than 100%
    Due to which there was a considerable improvement in SAP performance
    Other LE process could be executed
    Merchandise , Sales & LE team could get accurate reports by early morning
    This improved decision making & sales at stores
    Management could get exact reports & was happy
    Inventory position could be understood by EOD

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