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Case Studies

  • Brief: Client had a distribution hub in their logistics cycle. Stores used to raise STO to this Hub. Hub used to manage only packed HU from DC & was clueless about articles. Store requirement was communicated to DC manually.


    Integrated processes
    Streamlined operations
    Transparency in process
    Elimination of custom developed process
    Accurate reports on inventory
    Reduction of Manual processes outside SAP
    How much quantity store requested ?
    How much did DC supply to Hub?
    How much did Hub supply to Store?

  • Solution

    Implemented a state-of-the-art IT solution to support growth and accommodate industry-specific needs
    Implementing MERCHANDISE Distribution with cross-docking at Hub
    Optimize the process wherever possible.
    Elimination of custom developed process
    Replace manual process of data extraction at Hub and creating manual STO.
    Reduction of Manual processes outside SAP
    Delivering accurate reports of trail of demand and supply
    Atomizing process by scheduling background jobs and reducing user interaction

  • Result

    Process was seamless and transparent
    This reduced clumsy manual work
    Reduced errors due to manual intervention
    Considerably reduced manpower
    Accurate Reports which simplified decision making
    Improved store ordering
    Process was automated, thus reduced manpower
    Improved HU handling & dispatching process at Hub

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