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Case Studies

  • Brief: Customers used to create contracts in a bespoke development. This contracts had final price in it. This price was supposed to be copied in final PO.


    Integrated processes
    Streamlined operations
    Transparency in process
    There were many contracts with same supplier for same article
    Client wanted to pick-up cheapest price contract & pricing in PO
    PO were created through allocation and contract was required to be determined automatically
    This contract number was to be copied on PO
    PO was to be priced according to the rates in Contract

  • Solution

    Implemented a state-of-the-art IT solution to support growth and accommodate industry-specific needs
    Bespoke development was achieved in SAP standard allocation table
    Accurate contract was determined during executing allocation table
    This contract number was copied into PO
    PO was priced according to the prices captured in contract
    Entire process was automated by scheduling background Jobs

  • Result

    Process was seamless & transparent.
    This reduced clumsy manual work.
    Reduced errors due to manual intervention.
    Considerably reduced manpower.
    Accurate Reports which simplified decision making.
    Merchandiser could get complete trail of contract number.
    Contract number was captured in Allocation table
    PO was priced accurately according to prices maintained in contract.
    Improved contract management & accurate pricing was achieved.

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